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                  Anthony Tuggle


                  VP – Mobility Sales and Service
                  AT&T Vice President of Sales
                  Atlanta, GA

                  Authentic and inspirational leader Anthony Tuggle, AT&T Vice President of Sales, is a Board Member of the National Kidney Foundation and of NKF Serving Alabama, Georgia and Mississippi. Tuggle leads more than 30,000 sales leaders and has built a culture that fosters a passion for winning. He models a "find-a-way" mindset in his approach to leadership and inspires his team to embrace the importance of agility. Tuggle is the acclaimed author of I'm Better Not Bitter: My Personal Journey - Kidney Transplant Recipient's Story of Winning in Business & Life and Moving Forward, which shares how he has overcome obstacles, is self-motivated, and creates a work culture of success.

                  Notably, Tuggle led efforts in his local community as the 2018 Chairman of the Atlanta Kidney Walk, which raised more than $250,000 for NKF. He also has partnered with AT&T to raise more than $100,000 to date. A 20-year kidney transplant recipient, Tuggle is committed to working with NKF towards kidney disease prevention efforts.