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                  Kidney Advocacy Committee

                  Kidney advocates on the steps of the US Capitol building

                  The National Kidney Foundation's (NKF) patient advocacy and engagement program, the Kidney Advocacy Committee (KAC), is a growing group of nearly 200 elite patient liaisons who use their personal experiences and expertise to inform public policy makers of kidney-related legislation, policies, research, programs, and education. They participate in a wide array of activities to change kidney disease health policy, improve care, quality of life, and treatment of kidney disease. Additionally, they educate other Americans about the risks of developing chronic kidney disease (CKD) and bring to light the challenges of living with CKD.

                  The National Kidney Foundation is dedicated to improving the awareness, diagnosis and treatment of kidney disease and our KAC advocates are champions of our priorities and initiatives. Click here to learn more about current NKF initiatives and legislative priorities.

                  Our advocates meet with their federal and state elected officials to build support for legislation in Congress and their state capitals – such as preventing insurance discrimination against living organ donors, state tax credits supporting living organ donation, and increased funding for programs to research and treat CKD.

                  KAC advocates serve as speakers on panels, co-chairs of conferences, focus group participants, patient research reviewers for NKF, as well as other stakeholder organizations including government, healthcare providers, pharmaceutical companies and other kidney groups.

                  Want to learn more about our KAC advocates in action? Click here to follow our Advocacy Blog.

                  Are you are a kidney patient, family member, caregiver of a kidney patient, or a living kidney donor who is interested in being considered for NKF’s Kidney Advocacy Committee?

                  Apply here

                  Hear about our mission in your advocates own words

                  Learn about the great work our advocates are doing as part of the Annual Kidney Patient Summit