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                  Advocacy Resources

                  A NKF Advocate is someone who has been affected by kidney disease, donation or transplant and who wants to empower and educate others. These include people with kidney disease, dialysis patients, transplant recipients, living donors, donor family members, caregivers, friends and family members.

                  Advocacy plays an integral role in our mission. You can make a significant difference in the lives of kidney patients by representing the National Kidney Foundation. We give you the tools you need to make your voice heard.

                  Below are some of the ways you can be an advocate for those affected by kidney disease, donation and transplantation.

                  Advocacy 101: Learn How to Engage in Advocacy

                  NKF Advocacy Activity Fact Sheets

                  Listen To Our Patients’ Stories

                  Hear Ira’s Story on the Need for the Living Donor Protection Act

                  Hear Bobbie’s Story on Why Transplant Patients Need Drug Coverage Now

                  Policy Fact Sheets

                  State Fact Sheets on Kidney Disease

                  Congressional Caucus Memberships

                  Important Contacts

                  Federal Healthcare Agencies

                  U.S. Senate

                  U.S. House of Representatives

                  Additional Resources