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                  Clinical trials

                  Clinical trials

                  Clinical trials are research studies which test new ways to treat, prevent, or diagnose diseases.


                  A clinical trial is a research study that looks at how well a new treatment works in people. The treatment may be a drug, medical procedure, medical device, or even a lifestyle change.

                  Finding a clinical trial

                  There are many clinical trial opportunities and new ones are developed every day.


                  Each study is reviewed, approved, and watched over by an independent panel of qualified doctors, researchers, and members of the community called an "Institutional Review Board" (IRB).

                  What is it like to be in a clinical trial?

                  Are you wondering what it’s like to be in a clinical trial? Find personal stories and videos here.

                  Clinical trial stages

                  Each phase has a different goal or certain questions it is trying to answer.

                  pill icon
                  Phase I

                  What is the best dosage with the fewest side effects?

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                  Phase II

                  Does this work, and is it well-tolerated by most people

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                  Phase III

                  Is this treatment more effective than others currently on the market?

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                  Phase IV

                  How does this affect special populations, for example, those with kidney disease?

                  Who can participate

                  You are the best judge and the only person who can answer this question. Participating is not without risks, but it may give you an opportunity to improve your own health.

                  How can I learn more?

                  Many nonprofit and government websites have information about clinical trials.

                  Clinical trials: What you need to know

                  Download our free clinical trials guide.

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