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                  Coalition for Kidney Health

                  Coalition for Kidney Health logo

                  In 2020, NKF is launching the Coalition for Kidney Health. The Coalition for Kidney Health is a multi-stakeholder group of partners working to transform the landscape of chronic kidney disease (CKD) by:

                  • Generating awareness of CKD;
                  • Increasing screening of at-risk patients;
                  • Driving forward high-quality, coordinated care focused on delaying CKD progression.

                  2020 Priorities

                  • CKD quality measurement including advocacy for the Kidney Health Evaluation Measure
                  • Development of a national public health strategy for kidney disease
                  • Support for Medical Nutrition Therapy
                  • CKD screening recommendations


                  • Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics
                  • American Heart Association
                  • American Nurses Association
                  • Anthem
                  • AstraZeneca
                  • Bayer U.S.
                  • CVS Health
                  • Johnson & Johnson
                  • NAACP
                  • National Kidney Foundation
                  • OptumLabs
                  • RenalytixAI
                  • Strive Health

                  Recent Activity

                  4/6/2020 — Members of the Coalition for Kidney Health supported expanding eligibility for Medicare Advantage Coordinated Special Needs Plans (C-SNPs) to CKD patients. Read the comments here

                  Please contact Miriam Godwin at Miriam.godwin@kidney.org if you are interested in membership