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                  Coronavirus (COVID-19)

                  Coronavirus (COVID-19)

                  We’re here to listen and support you during the COVID-19 outbreak. Find answers to the most common questions and stay informed about the latest coronavirus developments.

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                  People with kidney disease and transplant recipients are at higher risk for developing serious complications from COVID-19. The best way to protect yourself is to avoid being exposed to this virus.

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                  Patient stories

                  My Experience with COVID-19 as a Kidney Patient

                  by Michael Phillips, transplant recipient and Kidney Advocacy Committee member

                  Managing medication during COVID-19 outbreak

                  by Haley Jensen, kidney transplant recipient and NKF patient advocate

                  Finding Community in Isolation

                  by Elizabeth Fortune, freelance writer and ESRD patient

                  Seeing the Silver Lining: Injecting Positivity and Hope Back into the World

                  by Risa Simon, NKF Advocate, Peer Mentor, and Inspirational Author

                  COVID-19 Fears Don’t End After Being Tested

                  by Fiona McKinney, Kidney Patient and Kidney Advocacy Committee Member

                  Improving Transportation to Dialysis During a Pandemic and Beyond

                  by Torie Kranze, CEO of the National Kidney Foundation of Louisiana

                  There’s No Place Like Home for Dialysis

                  by Melissa Bensouda, Kidney Patient and NKF Kidney Advocacy Committee Member

                  Patient Perspectives on Managing Routine Blood Tests during COVID-19

                  by Risa Simon, NKF patient advocate, and Michael Stevenson, NKF National Board Member and patient advocate.

                  Patients Share their Hospital Experiences during COVID-19

                  by Jim Myers and Mary Baliker, kidney transplant recipients and advocates

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