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                  We have invested $100 million to support the treatment of kidney disease. Access grant opportunities, KDOQI Clinical Practice Guidelines, and clinical trial information.

                  Grants & funding

                  Access information on NKF’s Research Grant Program, including available grants, funding cycle, eligibility requirements and application instructions.

                  Research spotlight

                  See how NKF researchers are making strides in the fight against kidney disease.

                  KDOQI clinical practice guidelines

                  World renown for improving the diagnosis and treatment of kidney disease, these guidelines have changed the practices of healthcare professionals and improved thousands of lives.
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                  Clinical trial information for patients

                  What is a clinical trial?

                  Learn more about how clinical trials can affect new treatment options in patients.

                  Are clinical trials safe?

                  Clinical studies in the United States are regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Learn more about safety.

                  How can I find a clinical trial?

                  Interested in participating? Find clinical trials in your area.

                  Help shape KDOQI

                  Help us identify future Kidney Disease Outcomes Quality Initiative controversies topics by completing this poll. We greatly appreciate your participation and welcome your feedback!