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                  Kidney donation

                  Kidney donation

                  Learn more about navigating the journey of organ donation.


                  THE BIG ASK: THE BIG GIVE

                  A conversation can save a life.
                  Whether you need a kidney or are considering donation, let us help you start the conversation.
                  Real stories

                  Living donor impact

                  Alan C.

                  The idea behind THE BIG ASK: THE BIG GIVE was to put a post up on social media. It wasn’t a direct connection that was my perfect match, it was someone sharing the post. I still can’t fathom it. There was someone out there generous enough to give me a kidney transplant.

                  Living donation

                  Where to start

                  When you donate an organ to someone else, you are providing a life-sustaining gift.

                  Making the decision

                  Consider the following before making the decision to become a living donor.

                  Evaluation & sugery

                  The more you learn about your surgery, the better choices you can make about your health.

                  Things to consider

                  Find out what questions to ask yourself as you go through your decision-making process.

                  After donation

                  All about living well with one kidney.


                  Whether you are thinking about becoming a living donor or you've already donated, this community is for you. Find and provide support to others like you.


                  Remember a loved one and discover resources.