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                  SOCIAL WORKERS


                  Experience the advantages of NKF membership. Join today and make NKF your professional home.

                  About CNSW

                  Learn more about the Council of Nephrology Social Workers' mission, goals, as well as ways to get involved.

                  CNSW Membership Listserv

                  Learn more about this popular membership benefit. CNSW members can manage their subscriptions and learn how to access the archives.

                  Professional Resources

                  Access clinical resources that have been developed for nephrology social workers by nephrology social workers. Some of the resources are available to the public while others are limited to National NKF-CNSW members. If you are a national member, you need to log in to unlock items with the key symbol. Members Only

                  Certification Program

                  Review requirements and apply for the Nephrology Social Worker-Certified (NSW-C) credential.

                  CE Activities

                  NKF offers many CE's in various formats.
                  Click here to review NKF's Grievance Policy

                  Affiliated Local CNSW Chapters

                  Final a Local Chapter near you, or access various resources including information on how to form a local chapter, as well as planning and executing continuing education activities.


                  Nominate your colleagues for CNSW's distinguished awards.

                  Kidney Careers

                  Look for available positions, or find eligible candidates for open positions in your workplace.


                  Nominations are now open for available positions on the CNSW Executive Committee.