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                  JNSW Author Guidelines

                  Call for Manuscripts

                  The Editorial Board of The Journal of Nephrology Social Work encourages the submission of original manuscripts. The next issue of the journal will contain articles addressing contemporary issues/topics relevant to nephrology social work. Authors may wish to address any of the following topics, which are listed as guidelines:

                  • Social Work Outcomes
                  • Kidney Transplant
                  • Pediatric Issues
                  • End-of-Life Concerns
                  • Sleep Disorders
                  • Sexual Functioning
                  • Aging and Gerontological Issues
                  • Disaster Preparedness
                  • Comorbid Illnesses
                  • Home Dialysis Modalities
                  • Professional Roles
                  • Rehabilitation
                  • HIV/AIDS
                  • Quality of Life
                  • Ethics

                  Please e-mail manuscript to: jnsw@kidney.org
                  Questions? Contact Editor:
                  Teri Browne, PhD, MSW, NSW-C

                  Instructions for Authors Download