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                  Nurse Practitioners/Clinical Nurse Specialists Benefits

                  The National Kidney Foundation Council of Advanced Practitioners (CAP) supports Physician Assistants, Nurse Practitioners, and Clinical Nurse Specialists involved in the field of nephrology by providing continuing education, evidence-based practice guidelines, scientific research grants and educational stipends.

                  Benefits of Membership

                  • Receive a copy of NKF's respected Primer on Kidney Diseases (6th Edition), a valuable resource examining all aspects of kidney and related diseases (an $90 value!)
                  • Discount registration to the NKF Spring Clinical Meetings, NKF's premier educational event ($100 savings)
                  • Free online CE through NKF's Professional Education Resource Center ($250 value)
                  • Reduced subscription rate to the American Journal of Kidney Diseases, Advances in Chronic Kidney Disease, and the Journal of Renal Nutrition
                  • Access to the Essentials Program, CAP members-only listserv, and review results in Salary and Caseload Survey ($500 value)
                  • Eligibility to apply for travel grants ($1,000 value), research grants, and the Fellowship of the National Kidney Foundation (FNKF)
                  • Clinical practice materials
                  • Discounts on the NKF Store
                  • Access to the member directory

                  All of these benefits are available to NKF-CAP members at a cost less than the Primer on Kidney Diseases alone!

                  Membership Pricing

                  One Year

                  U.S. and Canada




                  Two Year

                  Save $25

                  U.S. and Canada




                  Additional Subscriptions and Memberships

                  American Journal of Kidney Diseases

                  U.S. and Canada




                  Advances in Chronic Kidney Disease

                  U.S. and Canada




                  Journal of Renal Nutrition

                  U.S. and Canada




                  Your membership, including all benefits, will begin in the month that your application is received and processed at NKF Headquarters.



                    888.JOIN.NKF   membership@kidney.org