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                  2013 Research Grant Recipients

                  2013 Research Grant Recipients

                  Satellite Dialysis Clinical Investigator Grant

                  Effect of Phosphorus Additives on FGF23 in Stage 1-2 CKD
                  Alexander Chang, Johns Hopkins University

                  Young Investigator Grants

                  Role of the Epithelial Sodium Channels in ARPKD
                  Tengis Sanalovich Pavlov , Medical College of Wisconsin

                  Effects of Amino Acid Therapy in End Stage Renal Disease
                  Sahir Kalim, Massachusetts General Hospital

                  Role of TIM-4 on Dendritic Cells vs. Macrophages in Alloimmunity
                  Martina Mary McGrath , Brigham and Women's Hospital

                  Mutational Scan of DNA Damage Repair Genes in CKD
                  Weibin Zhou, University of Michigan

                  Use of PTH to lower phosphorus and FGF23 in CKD
                  Marta Christov, Massachusetts General Hospital