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                  Research Grants

                  2021 Young Investigator Research Grant

                  Young investigators are junior faculty who have been in their position for under four years at the time the grant begins. Applicants must have nephrology training.

                  Deadline to submit for a 2021 Research Grant is Monday, February 8, 2021.

                  Apply Here

                  Download Eligibility & Instructions

                  All references should submit the NKF Research Grant Reference Form

                  KDOQI Research Recommendations

                  Past Grant Recipients

                  2019 Grant Recipients
                  2018 Grant Recipients
                  2017 Grant Recipients
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                  2015 Grant Recipients
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                  Grant Recipient Success Stories
                  Dr. Benjamin Freedman, PhD - 2015

                  Research Spotlight

                  See how NKF researchers are making strides in the fight against kidney disease.