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                  The Big Ask, The Big Give

                  A conversation
                  can save a life.
                  Whether you need a kidney or are considering donation, let us help you start the conversation.
                  Kidney recipient
                  Many people won't get a transplant simply because they don’t know how to ask. We can show you how.

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                  Watch these real and inspirational stories.
                  Austin Gray

                  American Ninja Warrior

                  Alan, Aisha, and Facebook
                  How social media helped connect a recipient & donor
                  Angelica & Eva Hale
                  Recipient and donor/family member
                  Tracy & Dr. Scantlebury
                  Kidney donor & America's 1st Black Female Transplant Surgeon
                  Kidney donor/friend
                  Cindy & Maria
                  Recipent and donor/family member
                  Dr. Welsh
                  Kidney donor/altruistic
                  Kidney donor/aquaintance
                  Tracy & Dr. Scantlebury (60 second PSA)
                  Kidney donor & America’s 1st Black Female Transplant Surgeon
                  Alan & Aisha
                  A Kidney recipient & his spouse share their tips on finding a living donor
                  Kidney Recipient
                  Kidney Recipient
                  Individual donor or recipient experiences can vary from those presented.
                  Angelica Hale, Child Singing Phenom and Kidney Transplant
                  Patient Becomes First NKF Kid Ambassador
                  Check out Angelica's new PSAs for THE BIG ASK: THE BIG GIVE.
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                  (60 seconds)
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                  (30 seconds)
                  Need help getting the conversation started?
                  Call our hotline
                  Or email us at
                  NKF Cares is a free, confidential hotline with trained professionals ready to answer your questions or concerns. Our peer-mentoring program, NKF PEERS, connects anyone affected by kidney disease with an informed and supportive mentor who has already been through the process.
                  Living donation makes better lives possible.
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                  It is against the law to buy or sell organs, including kidneys. If someone contacts you to buy or sell a kidney, please disregard the request.